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EFDF / EUF / EDGF have met today, 2 March 2022, and took the following decisions:

  1. The Boards from EFDF / EUF / EDGF  affirm their full solidarity with the Ukrainian Flying Disc Federation (UFDF), the Ukrainian Olympic community, and all the people of Ukraine. In particular, our organizations are open to proactive and constructive engagements that support the members of the Flying Disc community in Ukraine.
  2. The Russian Flying Disc Federation (RFDF) and the Belarusian Flying Disc Federation (BFDF) are suspended with immediate effect, including the full set of their EFDF / EUF / EDGF membership rights, until further notice.
  3. Players or officials with Russian or Belarussian nationality are not eligible to participate in any EFDF / EUF / EDGF sanctioned event, until further notice. 
  4. Persons with Russian or Belaussian nationality holding positions of leadership in EFDF / EUF / EDGF, or who serve in EFDF / EUF / EDGF Committees and Commissions in any capacity, are asked to resign from their position with immediate effect.
  5. No EFDF / EUF / EDGF sanctioned events will be awarded to Russia and Belarus until further notice (none are currently scheduled).
  6. EFDF / EUF / EDGF will not enter in any partnership with any company based in Russia or Belarus.

EFDF / EUF / EDGF, in line with WFDF, strongly condemn this unprovoked act of war and call upon the leadership of Russia to order its military to immediately stand down and withdraw from Ukraine. The Flying Disc global community and the entire world of sport finds these actions incompatible with human progress and the values of sport. 

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and particularly of the athletes under our member Federation, the UFDF. We stand united in solidarity with them and hope and pray for their safety and security. We also are concerned for our Russian Flying Disc athletes and so many of the general population of Russia who will be negatively impacted by the consequences resulting from the actions of their leadership. We strongly keep up our hopes that the conflict can be solved through peaceful means and not by war.

We are in contact with the Ukrainian Flying Disc Federation (UFDF) in hopes to find the best options to support them.

EFDF / EUF / EDGF are fully aware of the hardship this will put on athletes and members of the Flying Disc communities in Russia and Belarus and regret having to take these actions. Nevertheless, the world of sport must stand united against such aggression as it threatens human society and the possibility for people around the world to meet in friendship during sporting events with full respect for fundamental human rights, away from any threat or discrimination.