Beach Ultimate is variant of grass Ultimate. The rules are the same with the exception that Beach Ultimate is played on a smaller field (75x25m) and is played 5-a-side.

The first Beach Ultimate tournament was in 1986 in Texas. In 1989 the first international Beach Ultimate tournament was held in Italy: Paganello in Rimini. In 1999 the Beach Ultimate Lovers Association was created with the aim to assist, educate, and promote the Spirit and the Game of Beach Ultimate worldwide. By the end of 2009 Beach Ultimate was played in 25+ countries and there were 100+ tournaments, including Beach Ultimate leagues, worldwide.

In 2010 the World Flying Disc Federation approved a motion to accept Beach Ultimate as its own disc sport. It was agreed upon that the game had evolved into a closely related, yet different sport from grass Ultimate. The use of the smaller field, less players, softer surface, and location make cutting, catching, and throwing similar in concept but not in execution. Strategy has become different and more and more players are becoming just beach players. Many are attracted to Beach Ultimate because of the lightness and pureness that comes from taking off shoes. The sea breeze, the sand between the toes, and the sound of waves put players in a positive mindā€frame without losing competitiveness. This, in part, explains the excellent game and spirit that one finds in Beach Ultimate.

Older players also gravitate towards Beach Ultimate as “hard ground” injuries do not occur and players can continue to play for many more years.