Ultimate is a non-contact, self-refereed team discipline played with a flying disc. The official disc is the 175 g Discraft Ultrastar. At each end of the playing field there is an end zone. Each team defends one endzone. They score a goal if one of their players catches the disc in the opposite end zone. There are 7 players per side and the field is 64 metres long and 37 m wide with 18 m endzones.

Disc Golf

Disc golf is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a flying disc. Just like ball golf, the object of disc golf is to throw from a teepad to a hole (target or basket) and complete each hole in as few throws as possible.


Freestyle Frisbee is an extended game of catch and throw where freestylers perform special “tricks” or maneuvers before performing the catch. These frisbee tricks can be simple, like a quick tip to an under the leg catch, or quite complicated. Freestyle frisbee is usually distinguished from other disciplines because it uses the nail delay, what people commonly think of as “spinning the disc on your finger.” Freestylers use the nail delay to set up all kinds of frisbee tricks like rolls, brushes, tips, pulls, and catches.


Guts is played by two teams of 5 players each. The official disc of the game is the Pro model Frisbee disc. The playing field consists of two parallel goal-lines 15 m in length and 14 m apart. The teams stand in line opposite each other. Each team defends a goal-line. The disc is thrown back and forth between the teams. The object is to throw the disc through the line of defending players.The throwing team scores a point when the other team does not catch a correctly thrown disc. The receiving team scores a point when the disc is not thrown correctly. When a correctly thrown disc is caught by the other team, no points are scored.


Overall Disc Sports competition is similar to the heptathlon in track and field. The Overall combines multiple disc sports — some individual sports and some pairs sports — and tests the player’s skills and abilities across the spectrum of disciplines.The player who scores the highest combined point total for his or her final ranking in each event is the Overall champion.

Beach Ultimate

Similar to Ultimate but played on the sand. Each team has 5 players per side and the field dimensions are also smaller – 45 m long and 25 m wide with 15 m endzones.