Restructuring EFDF

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At the online EFDF Congress on December 13th, 2020, the attending members voted to restructure the EFDF statutes and to elect a new Board. To achieve this Haude Hermand was elected President and given the task to set up a working group for the statutes renewal.

An interim Board was elected which should overlook this process:

Haude Hermand (President)
Boglárka Csanády
Ulrike Lehmann
Marco Tomasini
Eugenio Festa
Thomas Griesbaum

Richard Kollar (European Disc Golf Federation)
Andrea Furlan (European Ultimate Federation)

President Hermand’s task force for restructuring the EFDF statutes is:

Simon Hill (UKU CEO / GBR)
Volker Schlechter (DFV President / GER)
Felix Nemec (EUF representative / AUT)
Richard Kollar (EDGF President / SVK)
Haude Hermand (EFDF President)