Invitation to EFDF Annual Congress 2024

The EFDF annual congress will take place on Jan 25th 2024. It will be held online and will start at 8pm Paris time.

The agenda for the EFDF Congress is:

  • Count of present members and determination of majority vote
  • receiving and approving the activity reports of EFDF board of directors
    • President
    • Finances
    • Report of auditors
  • discharging the board of directors
  • Election of EFDF board
  • appointing the cash auditors
  • introducing the members of the Athlete’s Comission
  • Vote on new members according to the EFDF questionnaire 2023
  • Upcoming events / activities
  • vote on the Financial Regulation document
  • approving the Budget 2024
  • Further questions / Suggestions

Here, you can find all documents regarding:

  • EFDF annual report
  • preliminary EFDF financial report for 2023
  • 2024 Budget
  • Financial Regulation document

The following document will be uploaded in early 2024:

  • final EFDF financial report for 2023
  • Auditors reports

Looking forward to a productive EFDF congress,
the EFDF board.