Call for candidates for election at Congress 2022

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The next Congress will be held online on the 26th of January 2022 at 8pm, and there will be elections for a new board. 

Here is the call for candidates for the following positions:

  • 1st Vice-President: The first VP has the ability to represent the President.
  • 2nd Vice-President : The second VP will be in charge of the EFDF finances.
  • Secretary: The secretary is responsible to publish the minutes and to collect administrative data from members.
  • At-large board member: The At-large board member advises the Executive Committee, and supports the Flying-disc disciplines not already represented. This person completes the board of directors with the members of the executive committee, the EUF and EDGF representatives and the chair of the Athletes’ Commission (this position will stay vacant as long as the Athletes’ Commission hasn’t been established).
  • 2 financial auditors: They verify once per year the accounting records of EFDF, and report the results to Congress.

All board members have the following tasks:

  • Participate at board meetings, ~6 per years via videoconferencing,
  • Expectation of turnaround on email correspondence within five (5) business days
  • Approve policies and contracts
  • Special project oversight, as agreed
  • Read all correspondence on EFDF mailing list

If you wish to apply, please send an email to preferably before the 22nd December 2021, with:

  • The position you are applying for,
  • CV,
  • Motivation letter,
  • Letter of support from a EFDF member (optional).

It is recommended that candidates are affiliated to a federation member of EFDF.

The list of candidates will be sent to all EFDF members shortly after December 22, 2021. An election committee (2 persons not applying for any of the positions) will be set up to run the elections during the Congress on the 26th January 2022.