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Under 17
Ultimate Championships 2006
Riga, Latvia

Date: 6 June 2006

To: National federations and international contact persons

As you might have noticed EFDF organized a first championship in the Under 17 division last summer. It's also going to be "offered" in next years EUC'07 in Southampton, UK.
We realize it's with very short notice, but after some discussions with countries who have shown big interest for this new junior division (which doesn't actually exist yet in WFDF), EFDF is now sending out information concerning an official championship for this division also this summer. The organizer, Latvian Flying disc Federation, is working hard together with EFDF to get all details ready. These are the facts so far:

Place: Riga, Latvia

Dates: Three or four day event depending on number of teams starting either Wednesday July 27 or Thursday July 28, with finals and other final placement games on Saturday July 29.

Official EFDF championship divisions: National teams, Under 17 open and Under 17 girls (born in '90 or later = players may not turn 17 during the calendar year of the competition). In order to get more games, and also make it possible with international competition for the juniors who can't make it to WJUC in the USA, national teams with players in the "regular" junior open/women's division (born in '87 or later) or a combination from both age groups will also be allowed to compete, then separate result tables will be calculated counting only the games between the teams in each division so semis and finals + placement games can be played for the different divisions. This division will officially be called "Open Baltic Junior Championships". Since there are only four fields and therefore a limit of possible total number of teams, teams in the jr women's division (the "regular" jr division) will have priority before jr open teams, but we hope to be able to accept all interested teams.

In the official U17 championships international teams (with players from different countries, if you don't have enough players for a national team), 2nd teams (Latvia 2, for example) will also be accepted, but will not be able to play for medals (can't qualify for semis).

We're working hard to come up with data conc team fees, deposit & deadline and player fees etc, as soon as this is ready it will be posted on the Latvian federations website, but we'll notify you by email as soon as this is ready. There will be "lowbudget" school floor lodging, but also a hostel alternative if there are enough requests for it. The player fee will include breakfast and dinner (dinner served at the sports complex).

In the meantime we will need a first "notification of interest" conc how many teams would come from each country, and who will act as your official contact person (only one person per country, pls). Pls answer by ASAP.

So far UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have all shown interest in participating.

That's it for now. Again, we're very sorry for being late, but we're now looking forward to a great official championship for these new divisions.

Finally, if you want to discuss junior issues I suggest you all go to the EFDF Forum at www.efdf.org/forums/ and register to gain access to the "Junior Ultimate" section. The jr activity in Europe is growing, and the more we talk to each other about what's going on, the bigger and better it'll get.


Paul Eriksson, Stockholm
European Flying Disc Federation

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